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Schweisstechnik combines unique skills and abilities to bring its customers real value adding solutions. Founded by its current directors, the company grew from humble beginnings to a force to be reckoned with by its competitors. Although the company remains Serbian-based, its operations are spread throughout Eastern Europe.

The core offering of the company is the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of plant support subsystem such as piping, valves, filters, connectors, supports and access platforms to the process industry. Although the company specializes in Stainless Steel (Inox) as this requires a special set of skills and equipment, all steel-based work can be undertaken with the same confidence and yield the exact same high quality results.


But the company is much more than that. At Schweisstechnik we are proud of our natural heritage and operate strictly according to international laws that govern the protection of the environment e have strict internal policies that sets a guideline for the handling of waste products

However, we go even further than that. Schweisstechnik is an active member of the "Environment for the future Foundation", and contribute significantly to this cause on an annual basis.


We also believe that our employees are our greatest asset We therefore offer attractive market- related remuneration packages and benefits, with specific career path planning for our employees. This ensures that Schweisstechnik attracts the cream of skilled employees and rotation is kept to the absolute minimum - thereby keeping the skill within the company where it can benefit our customers directly


The company prides itself on its impeccable safety record This is governed by a strict safety policy and controlled by on-site safety representatives.